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April 8th - 30th
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Your Purchase HELPS Animals In Need

With each purchase of pet treats, you are donating towards our mission to  rescue, protect, and provide hope as we search for loving homes for stray and neglected animals.

Animal Rescue

Your purchase provides Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue with the funds necessary to rescue and shelter animals in need throughout the Great Lakes Region and Surrounding Areas.

Forever Homes

Every animal deserves a safe place to live with a family that cares. Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue helps 100's of animals each year to find their forever homes.

Community Outreach

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue provides our community with the resources to encourage responsible pet ownership throughout the life of their pets.

Support Us

Your purchase of our premium pet treats enables Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue to continue its mission of helping animals in life-threatening environments to find a safe place to live and be loved.

Premium Quality

Our treats are nutritious and extremely tasty, packed with premium USDA beef. Our treats are a healthy and nutritious reward that your pets will love.

Single Source

Single Source means there are zero fillers or added ingredients. Our single-source premium roasted beef treats are made from just one ingredient, Nebraska grown beef.

100% Natural

Our Premium treats are sourced from farms and ranches in Nebraska. Raised naturally and processed without any additives or preservatives, our treats are a great snack.

"My dog absolutely goes bonkers over this treat...these can actually be crumbled on top of a good dog food too!"- CAMPAIGN SUPPORTER

"I ordered these treats two days ago Monday!!! got them delivered TODAY!!! And Gracie could not wait to try them!! She l0000000000ved them!!!!" - CAMPAIGN SUPPORTER

"I have a very picky eater but he absolutely loves these! I couldn't get over how much he goes crazy for them. Thank You!!"- CAMPAIGN SUPPORTER

Buy / Support Us

Thank you for supporting
Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue

Your purchase of our Premium Pet Treats provides us with critical supplies, meals and care for animals in need.


Dog  Treats

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